Australian Unity EBA Campaign Update

Australian Unity EBA Campaign Update

From 14 August you will have a chance to vote on your new Enterprise Agreement - at least 51% of the workers who vote will need to vote yes for this agreement to be implemented.

This is not to be confused with the United Voice and NUW merger vote which is also happening during August!

We strongly encourage you to vote yes, as it's a strong agreement won by the hard work of your United Voice bargaining team - we're proud of this agreement and hope you are too! 

It’s important to remember that over the course of the bargaining Australian Unity tried to cut your; night time penalty rates, excess travel allowance, casual loading and pay for breaks of engagement, but home care workers took action and made sure your voices were loud and clear at the bargaining table and these conditions were saved!

What does the Enterprise Agreement contain?

The new Enterprise Agreement includes:

  • Your pay rise
  • No backwards steps on your entitlements, penalty rates and allowances
  • Retention of more effective contract bands with a greater opportunity for extra work
  • 5 days paid family and domestic violence leave
  • Additional 5 weeks of paid parental leave
  • 10 days unpaid ceremonial leave for Indigenous care workers

How do I vote?

You will cast your vote by telephone. 

You should have received specific instructions (including a personalised pin) - firstly in an email by Australian Unity, and secondly in an email from the Australian Election Company.

If you have not received this information by close of business Thursday August 1, please contact the Australian Election Company (1800 224 420) as soon as possible.

Where can I get more information?

You will receive SMS and email updates from your union team and we will be contacting you via SMS when the vote opens up to ensure your vote is counted. If you have any other questions please speak to your delegate or call the Member Rights Centre on 1800 805 027.

Happy voting!

P.S. For more information regarding the United Voice and NUW merger you can go here:

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