2015 SNP EBA Update #2

The United Voice negotiating team attended the inaugural bargaining meeting with SNP Management on 1 October 2015. 

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United Voice has tabled a log of claims as follows:

Three year Agreement expiring 21 January 2019;

  • Increase wages and allowances by 5% from each of 24 December 2015, 24 December 2016 and 24 December 2017;
  • Increases to part time employees’ guaranteed hours;
  • Reduced availability requirements to guarantee extra days away from work for employees who do not want extra hours;
  • Increase casual loading from the existing 15% + 1/12th or hourly rate (23.33%) to 25% in line with the modern award;
  • Compensation for employees who have suffered a reduction in wages due to the implementation of the Microster payroll system;
  • Review of the clause 13.4.5 Additional Voluntary Hours provision – is it better than the award’s overtime rates?
  • Introduce work safety officer classification;
  • Introduce domestic violence leave provisions;
  • Improved crib break arrangements;
  • “Agency” employees to be paid no less than SNP employees to ensure employment security for SNP personnel;
  • Increase redundancy pay after 9 years service – EA currently drops from 16 weeks to 12 weeks after 9 years service;
  • Maintenance of all other existing conditions.

Non United Voice bargaining representatives have indicated they will table any claims at the next bargaining meeting. SNP have indicated some of the items they wish to deal with are:

  •  Continue gradual accrual throughout each year of service of personal carers leave for employees engaged post 29 January 2013;
  • Increase notice of termination for employees with less than one years service from 1 day to 1 week in line with the Fair Work Act;
  • Clarify the existing clause 23.7.2 annual leave accrual arrangements;
  • Clarify the existing clause 26.12 carer’s leave entitlement.

The United Voice bargaining team is:

Judith Allison – Qantas Lobby , Brendon Sadler – T1, Mark Bulmer – T3, Amit Munjal – T1

Ricky Keehn, UV Aviation Security Organiser – 02 8204 7204, ricky.keehn@unitedvoice.org.au,

Mick Vance, United Voice Industrial Officer – 02 8204 7265, mick.vance@unitedvoice.org.au

Bargaining updates and minutes of bargaining meetings will also be placed on noticeboards, and on additional notice boards, which have been placed in locker rooms. The next bargaining meeting will be held on Monday 12 October 2015

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