A pay rise for care workers

A pay rise for care workers

We have some good news!

United Voice members have won a pay rise for care workers at Australian Unity. 

You'll receive a pay rise of 1.75%, back-dated to July 2018, with an additional 1.75% as of July 2019. 

It's important to note that this pay rise is in addition to the pay rise being negotiated in your new enterprise agreement. 

At the last EBA meeting, your bargaining team made it clear to Australian Unity that it's been far too long since care workers received a pay rise, and that negotiations have been prolonged through no fault of your own.

They demanded that care workers receive a pay rise immediately, with back-dating – and after some discussion, Australian Unity agreed. This win is testament to the strength, unity, and capacity that care workers have built over the past several months of negotiations, by getting connected and active – congratulations!

Your bargaining team will continue to push for a further, fair pay rise through EBA negotiations. There are a few matters left to resolve before we reach an agreement that ensures no backwards steps in conditions – and a step towards fairness, certainty and recognition for care workers.

The strength that care workers have shown so far will be needed to see these negotiations through, so be sure to talk to your delegate and keep an eye out in the Facebook group for updates and actions to support your bargaining team. 

Congratulations again, and enjoy your hard-won pay rise!

In union, 

Mel Gatfield

Secretary, United Voice NSW