ADHC Update 30 Jan 14

There is an agreement between unions and the department on how the consultation will work.

It’s called the NDIS Implementation Joint Employee Relations Consultative Arrangements (click to download).

United Voice has requested release of a United Voice member per district (15 in all) to be given time off the job to assist in the consultation.

There is still very little detail of the Government’s plan to outsource your job.

Unions have used members concerns to create a priority list (below). Our next meeting is Feb. 13 – We’ll let you know more then.

NDIS Framework Agreement – Priority areas for negotiation

  1. No forced transfer
  2. Redundancy
  3. Retention period
  4. Redeployment and priority placement arrangements for non-transferring staff
  5. Transfer package with the following elements:
    1. Payment for all employees who transfer
    2. Employment guarantee
    3. Leave entitlements
    4. Recognition of service
    5. Superannuation
  6. Contractual obligations on new employer regarding:
    1. Execution of an enforceable Federal industrial instrument that applies at and from the point of transfer and which is no less than the terms and conditions of employment the employees enjoyed prior to transfer and reflects the conditions of transfer
    2. A process to deal with discrepancies in terms and conditions of employment between transferred staff and other staff of the new employer; and
    3. Those elements of the transfer package requiring new employer cooperation
  7. Process for the variation of hours, shifts or location of work
  8. Assistance with obtaining qualifications
  9. Dispute resolution process.

*This list is not exhaustive

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