Asset Industries Leads the Way in City Cleaning in NSW

As the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) releases data showing that nearly 40% of cleaning contractors are breaking the law,1 cleaning company Asset Industries has shown itself to be an industry leader. Asset Industries has become one of the first cleaning contractors to show its commitment to ethical cleaning by signing the Clean Start 2 Agreement in New South Wales.


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“As highlighted by FWO’s National Cleaning Industry Follow Up Campaign, there is rife exploitation of contract cleaners. There are many dodgy contractors, exploiting cleaners and breaking the law,” Mark Boyd, Secretary of United Voice NSW, says. 

“That’s why cleaners have come together for their Clean Start campaign.”

The Clean Start Agreement provides fair wages, working conditions, job security and rights for cleaners in the city. City cleaners work tirelessly to ensure clean and hygienic spaces for tenants in city buildings. However, without a Clean Start, cleaners struggle with dodgy contractors who can abuse their work. 

“Clean Start is beyond just traditional bargaining. It’s about truly reforming the cleaning industry.”

“Cleaners are working with cleaning companies that are committed to ensuring not only living wages and good jobs but also sustainable cleaning and transparency for all stakeholders in cleaning,” Mr Boyd says. 

The Clean Start 2 Agreement follows the highly successful Clean Start 1, which was won by city cleaners in 2009. Cleaners have been working with cleaning companies, building owners, tenants and others to ensure a stronger Agreement that provides better protections not only for cleaners – but also for everyone in the industry.

“A Clean Start contractor is a company dedicated to ethical and sustainable cleaning,” Mr Boyd says.

“By signing Clean Start 2, Asset Industries has shown itself to be an industry leader in contract cleaning – one that is committed to quality cleaning and quality jobs.”

Media contact: Sarah Hoque, 0427 788 837

1Fair Work release here: 

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