Application to terminate MEA

Application to terminate MEA

As you may be aware, Menzies has made an application to the Fair Work Commission to terminate your current Multi Enterprise Agreement. The Commission has directed all of the cleaning contractors to notify their employees of the application and provide a copy of the Directions issued by February 15. Some of you have already received this news from your employer by text or email, and others will within the next few days.

United Voice is aware that some contractors simply forwarded the Directions, without any further information or explanation, causing confusion and concern for cleaners.

The matter is before the Commission and no decision has been made regarding the application. United Voice has provided an initial response to the Commission in relation to the application. We will keep you updated on the application – for now the Agreement continues in operation. 

Please note: you are not required to take any action or respond to the Directions issued by the Commission. 

For additional support:

The Member Rights Centre is open weekdays from 8am to 5.30pm, on 1800 805 027 (toll free).

You can connect with other school cleaners in the members-only Facebook Group - follow the link and click 'join', and a fellow school cleaner will add you to the group soon!