Badgerys Creek Airport announcement

The Government has announced that a second Sydney airport will be built at Badgerys Creek.


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This will be a long-term infrastructure project for Western Sydney that will create jobs.

But the Government must take into account all the effects of this project on the Western Sydney community, not just the jobs.

In February, United Voice held forums for members in the Badgerys Creek area so they could get the facts about what an airport would mean for them.

We invited experts to talk about what an airport would mean for; jobs, the economy, noise and the environment.

United Voice members at these forums wanted an airport at Badgerys Creek, if it was done properly - with all the roads and public transport links, and the environmental impact planned for.

What it could mean for Sydney's west and the NSW economy;

  • During construction, 1,529 jobs could be created over seven years
  • By 2050 the airport could create between $11.6bn and $15.2bn additional economic activity
  • Once operating fully, the airport would generate between 16,252 and 20,013 jobs
  • The airport could create 35,216 to 46,285 full-time equivalent jobs by 2050 directly or indirectly

(Source: Economic impact of a Western Sydney Airport) 


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