Badgerys Creek Airport Facts

An airport at Badgerys Creek is likely to be announced this year. 

In February, United Voice held forums and invited experts to talk about what an airport would mean for; jobs, the economy, noise and the environment.

Read on for some of the facts about what an airport would mean for the people of New South Wales.


  • First proposed by the Hawke Government 1986
  • Legislation introduced to prevent further housing on proposed airport site
  • 1,700 hectares of land purchased (suggested a further 1,200 be purchased)
  • Kingsford Smith Airport = 907 hectares
  • Kingsford Smith Airport is the smallest major city airport in the developed world
  • Deloitte Report forecasts; $9 Billion into the economy + 30,000 jobs + 3,000 SME created (small/medium enterprises)
  • Western Sydney Alliance: Environmental Impact Statement would need to be done again (first report approx 17 years ago)

Western Sydney Population

  • 1947: Sydney 1,750,000 - Western Sydney 170,000 = 10%
  • 1951: Sydney 2,000,000 – Western Sydney 200,000 = 10%
  • 2001: Sydney 4,000,000- Western Sydney 1,500,000 = 38%
  • 2031: Sydney 7,000,000 – Western Sydney 4,000,000 = 57% (based on current growth1.37%)


  • 2011: 200,000 people from Western Sydney travel east (CBD) for employment
  • 2031: 340,000 people will need to travel east (CBD) for employment
  • Currently the Western Sydney Employment Area (WSEA), an area of 10,000 hectares is set aside for employment; the current proposed site for Badgerys Creek sits within the boundaries of WSEA, as does the old Wonderland site.


  • Build a link from the near completed South West Rail Link into Airport (10 km)
  • Build a link from the North West Rail Link to Airport
  • This would create an orbital link via rail – that includes both airports and the CBD
  • It would also be possible to catch a train from Badgerys Creek and connect with the main Western Line (St Marys)
  • Road upgrades needed – Elizabeth Drive and The Northern Road


Noise at airports is currently measured by Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF); this is done in noise contours (bands) and captures the number of residents within that contour

  • Current Sydney Airport (KS) ANEF levels are:

          ANEF 201 Contour 86,017 residents

          ANEF 25 – 40 Contour (noisiest) 29,457 residents

  •  Current estimates for Badgerys Creek

          ANEF 20 Contour 2913 residents

          ANEF 25 – 40 Contour 328 (noisiest) residents

*1 An indication of what these noise levels mean for Kingsford Smith Airport if planes are flying north: 
40 Contour – Tempe 
35 contour – Just south of Marrickville 
30 Contour – Petersham 
25 Contour – Hunters Hill


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