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Vacancies are open for the following positions on Branch Executive, Branch Council and Branch Divisional Executive. Details below.

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Notice to NSW Branch Members

Roll of Eligible Voters

The registered rules of the United Voice make extensive provision for the compilation of the roll of voters in the forthcoming vacancy election in the Leisure and Tourism Division and the Community and Property Services Division.  The Branch Secretary is required to compile and certify an electoral roll which contains the names and addresses of all members who are entitled to a vote in accordance with the rules. The roll so certified is supplied to the Australian Electoral Commission which will conduct the election. 

Rule 41 of the registered rules of the United Voice sets out the basis upon which members are eligible to be included on the roll and therefore entitled to vote.  The rule is designed to maximise the opportunities for members to be included on the roll and to vote.

The rule also obliges the Branch Secretary to write to all employers who administer payroll deduction schemes to ensure that all payroll deductions are remitted to the United Voice branch office.

Any member who believes that he or she should be or should have been included on the roll and who is not on the roll may complain to the Secretary.  A decision of the Branch Secretary adverse to the members may be appealed to a special disputes committee established for that purpose under the rules.

Members wishing to consult the actual rule are advised to read Rule 41 of the registered rules.  A full copy of this rule is available from your local United Voice branch office upon request.

Mark Boyd





New South Wales Branch 

Branch Executive Member from the Community and Property Services Division (1) 

Delegate to National Council from the Community and Property Services Division (1) 

Branch Divisional Executive Member from the Community and Property Services Division (1) 


New South Wales Branch 

Delegate to Branch Council representing Leisure and Tourism Division (1) 



The following is the timetable for United Voice E2015/248 and E2015/249: 

Thursday 3 December 2015 Advise Employer and Members of the close of Roll date 

Thursday 31 December 2015 Close of Roll 

Monday 4 January 2016 Roll delivered to Returning Officer by 12:00 noon 

Thursday 7 January 2016 Nominations Open 

Thursday 28 January 2016 Nominations Close at 12:00 noon 

Thursday 4 February 2016 Withdrawal of Nominations due by 12:00noon 

Thursday 18 February 2016 Postal Ballot Opens 

Thursday 10 March 2016 Postal Ballot Closes at 12:00 noon 

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