Watch this space!

Watch this space!

From October 26, the full meeting dates and schedule of paid-time meetings at the Star will be available here. 

Check roster cycle 312 to see if you've been rostered on to a meeting (it will depend if you're working on the 15 - 17 Nov, and your start times) and check back at this link to RSVP.

If you haven't been rostered on to a meeting, you'll be able to select a meeting of your choice here from the 26th. 




Will I be paid to attend the meeting?

YES. All Star EA covered employees who attend a Paid Time Meeting will be paid for that hour. 

I don't see a meeting in my roster. Can I still attend a meeting, and will I still be paid?

YES. If your roster does not coincide with a meeting time or you are not rostered on the days of the meeting, check back at this page from October 26, and you'll see the full meeting schedule for you to choose from and RSVP. If you attend, you'll be paid for the hour of the meeting. 

I'm not a union member, can I attend?

YES. These meetings are for all Star EA covered employees.

What happens at a Paid-Time Meeting?

These meetings are all about you and your workplace. There'll be games, food, and the chance to meet new people at the Star. The meeting will open with a presentation from the Star, and you'll hear directly from union delegates about the exciting new Jobs You Can Count On campaign. 

Do I need to swipe on?

If you're attending a meeting before your shift, your attendance will be recorded from the start of the meeting and you will only need to swipe OFF at the end of your shift.