Stop exploitation in city cleaning

Cleaners in the city work tirelessly to keep buildings clean and hygienic. But, at 388 George, Street, one of Sydney’s premiere office buildings, cleaners are being exploited. Brookfield, the building owner and manager, recently selected TFM as the new cleaning company.

TFM asked all cleaners at the building to reapply for their jobs and told them their wages would be slashed if they were hired. Because of these changes, cleaners began looking for other work – and were surprised to find their jobs listed online. But, these jobs are advertised for $15 an hour – less than minimum wage – and require a $500 payment to even be considered.

This is a clear example of exploitation in the cleaning industry. Brookfield is putting saving costs above cleaners’ lives. By cutting corners and picking the cheapest cleaning company, Brookfield has selected for a dodgy contractor that’s taking advantage of cleaners.


Cleaners in city buildings have been working to reform the cleaning industry through their Clean Start campaign. Clean Start ensures not only fair wages for cleaners, but also fair rights and job security. But, at 388 George Street, Brookfield is still cutting corners and trying to save money - with no regard for the human cost.

Help stop exploitation in the cleaning industry. Take action right now and ask Brookfield to use a Clean Start company. 


Dear Brookfield,

Stop cutting corners and exploiting cleaners. Your profit margins are not more important than the life and rights of the cleaners who work tirelessly to keep your buildings clean. I ask that you find a new cleaning company that ensures fair wages, workloads, job security and rights.

I ask that you find a Clean Start cleaning company now.


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To not pay a fair wage will lead to the collapse of society.
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Stop exploiting your hard working cleaners.
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E quality for all and we need to get the government to abolish workers working away from home more than 2 weeks on and 2 off eg 2 and 1, 3 and 1 and even as goodline is now expecting workers to do 12 and 1. Share this employment creating family life and more jobs
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cleaners are an essential part of our working community- quit abusing their working power and pay what they are due- if you’d all go on strike, they’d realise what you do!
signed 2015-05-05 20:34:05 +1000
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Being a school cleaner, I know how hard the cleaning job is and how dangerous it can be when you are pushed too hard. A fair wage for a fairs days work. How hard is that?
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Corporate greed pure and simple!
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just pay cleaners properly
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I want all cleaning companies under clean star agreement
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