FAQs for new ISS employees

FAQs for new ISS employees

I haven’t completed the ISS Application process. What should I do now?

Please attend one of the ISS information sessions and ask an ISS staff member to assist you. If you have any questions please email nswgov.recruitment@au.issworld.com or call ISS during WA business hours on 08 9445 4487. You can also contact the United Voice NSW Member Rights Centre on 1800 805 027.

Can you explain the ISS recruitment process ?

Step 1 : All Menzies cleaners (full time and part time) employed prior to March 2018 should have received a link via email or text message from ISS or Menzies to complete an ISS online application. A number of casuals and Menzies cleaners who started after March 2018 have also received the link to complete the online application.

You can find the application form here: http://www.careers.au.issworld.com/cw/en/job/509454/iss-school-cleaning-sydney-region

Step 2 : Once you complete the online application you will receive an acknowledgement email from ISS.

Step 3 : You will then receive a Commencement Form via email. The email contains a link to complete the form online. You will need to provide information in the form including personal details, emergency contact, bank details, choice of superannuation fund, and your tax file number declaration.

Step 4 : You will then receive another email containing your Employment Offer. Follow the link in the email to view and accept your offer online. You will need to read the information, and then tick the box confirming the statement “I have read and agreed to the terms of the offer” and click 'I Accept'.

Step 5 : ISS information sessions will start from 12 February 2019. These sessions are not compulsory, but will be an opportunity to ask questions. ISS will have staff available to assist anyone having difficulties with the application process – including for cleaners who don't have access to a computer or email account. 

As yet there is no cut-off date to complete the above steps, but it has to be done online as soon as possible.

What is United Voice's advice for the cleaners who started with Menzies after March 2018?

A lot of these cleaners have received the link to complete the online application, and ISS has been assessing their applications. They may receive a Commencement Form & Employment Offer very soon, but we can’t guarantee at this stage. They are also welcome to attend the ISS induction session. Members who fall within this category should contact the Union office.

I don’t have a smart phone. How will this effect my employment?

We note that the letters of offer sent out by ISS requires cleaners to have a smart phone. We note that some members do not have a smart phone, so we have raised this as an issue. In these circumstances, ISS has agreed to provide an alternative method to record time and attendance.

I have a smart phone but I don’t want to download the company apps. What will happen then?

We encourage you to download KRONOS as it is a system introduced by ISS to make sure your pay and leave accruals are accurate. ISS has confirmed that all sites in the Sydney Region will be using the KRONOS system. If there are cleaners who really don’t want to download KRONOS, we will raise this with ISS and request they consider providing an alternative method for recording time and attendance at these particular sites.

The ISS offer of employment says that there will be no redundancy. Is this right?

At the moment we are of the view that what is stated in the letters of offer about redundancy is  misrepresenting the entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009, and we will be writing to ISS about this.

Notwithstanding, the law about redundancy pay at a contract change is still unclear. To change this, cleaners would need to join together to negotiate better terms and conditions in a new Enterprise Agreement, and put pressure on the NSW Government to guarantee job security in future contracts. 

When is ISS going to provide my ID, uniform, supplies etc.

You will receive your IDs and Uniforms at the information sessions. Disappointingly, ISS has not agreed to pay you for your attendance at the information sessions but we encourage you to go down to one of the sessions, at a time that suits you, to collect your ID and uniforms and ask any questions you may have. You can also speak to one of your Union Organisers who will be available during the day.

When are we going to receive our termination pay out by Menzies?

We don’t know the date yet, but you should receive it on the last pay day with Menzies in March 2019 unless they pay your normal wage and termination payout (Annual Leave, LSL) separately. We  will update you once we know more information.

I am on workers compensation with Menzies. Am I going to get a job with ISS?

There are currently very few Menzies cleaners on workers compensation. The Member Rights Centre will need to look into each cleaner's situation individually and advise them accordingly. Please contact the Member Rights Centre on 1800 805 027.

Should I sign the Employment Offer?

Cleaners should sign their employment offer, notwithstanding a couple of the issues we have raised with ISS (see above). Any changes to employment conditions contained in the offers can be notified by writing at a later date.

We have received a text that MEA is going to be terminated. What does it mean?

Menzies has made an application to the Fair Work Commission to terminate your current Multi Enterprise Agreement. The matter is before the Commission and no decision has been made regarding the application. United Voice and the other cleaning contractors are aware of the application and have responded to  Commission. We will provide an update once we know more, but for now the Agreement continues in operation.