Glad members keep your working conditions safe!

In a recent move, Glad tried to roll out new contracts for cleaners without talking to cleaners or your union. These contracts could have hurt your working conditions, and your delegates and fellow members knew this. That’s why they refused to sign them until they could get advice from your union – United Voice.

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After thoroughly checking the new terms and conditions, your union lawyers recommended changes to many of the conditions that would have hurt cleaners. Because of the power of members taking a stand against these new contracts, Glad realised it was doing the wrong thing. Instead, the company is reviewing the contract and will consulting with union members before issuing new contracts.

Glad members standing together has resulted in safety and security for all Glad cleaners. By refusing to sign, members ensured that the conditions you’re used to – your Clean Start conditions – are secure and your rights won’t be taken away. 

This just shows the power you have as union members. If you want your voice heard on any contract changes and aren’t a member, join today!

Download a .pdf of this update by clicking here.



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