The aged and those with a disability are some of our society’s most vulnerable. As someone becomes aged or deals with a disability and wants to stay at home, home care workers ensure that this is possible.

Home care workers are a vital workforce that provide quality care when you need it most. But, the state of home care is in flux. The NSW Government is making changes to the current home care system, and, as our population ages, more workers will be needed in home care.

Together, we need to make sure that home care will always be quality care provided by passionate, dedicated workers. That’s why home care workers, their clients and families and the community across NSW are coming together to take a stand for home care. They’re building community and supporting each other; they’re sharing what fulfils them about their work, and what brings them down; and they’re winning better wages and conditions.

Because It's Time to Be Heard. It's Time to Take Action. And It's Time To Care.

So join today