Important update on JOSS letters of offer

Important update on JOSS letters of offer

We know that members who are moving to Joss are concerned about your jobs after 1 March. This is the latest update so please read everything below because there is new advice about signing your letter of offer.

Your union is still in dispute with Joss about their letter of offer to new employees moving over from Menzies and ISS. We have been trying to resolve the dispute by discussing a memo for Joss to send to all current Menzies and ISS workers. This memo would fix up some of the worrying things in their original letters of offer.

The only issue that Joss still haven’t agreed to fix is that they will not agree to guarantee your employment  when this Government Contract ends. Your union officials feel that the only way now to get this issue fixed is to go to the Fair Work Commission.

Through the discussions we’ve had so far, Joss have agreed to move away from the end date which is included in your letter of offer.

But, at the moment, the words in the memo that Joss wants to send will mean that as soon as the Contract ends, your employment will be terminated. Joss would not even have to give you notice of termination, because your letters of offer already contain that notice.  

The discussions with Joss so far have made it very clear that Joss intends to terminate your employment at the end of their contract with the NSW Government, even if they do win another Contract.

This is obviously a very serious issue and not something that union members can accept. But we hear that members are very concerned about your jobs after 1 March.

So once again, the NEW advice from your union is to sign the letter of offer and return it to Joss by 4 February 2019, while your union takes this issue to the Fair Work Commission for a decision. 

Existing Joss cleaners – you do not need to sign the offers of employment sent to you – Joss acknowledges that you have an existing employment relationship!