Long Bay Forensic Hospital Enterprise Agreement 2015 - UNITED VOICE SAYS VOTE NO

Voting for the new G4S Long Bay Forensic Hospital Agreement has opened and concludes Tuesday 18 August 2015. G4S’s proposal is below standard and should be rejected by employees.

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Deficiencies in the Agreement include the following:

    Under the G4S proposal you would receive NO wages increase following 1 October 2015, until at least when the Agreement would expire, on 30 July 2017. That’s a period of at least 21 months without a pay rise!

    1/10/2014   >>>> 1/10/2015   >> > >   >   >   >    >    >     >       30/7/2017
        2.6%                             2.6%                                         ……………………….???

    Note especially that the minimum wage increased by 3% in 2014 and by 2.5% in 2015, workers would be going backwards under the G4S proposal even before counting either of any 2016 and 2017 award increases.


  • G4S EA clause 3.4, additional hours paid at the ordinary rate of pay. Under your award all additional hours are paid at overtime rates. This provision will cause the G4S proposal to fail the better off overall test.


  • No minimum start period for stand-alone overtime. This means that G4S can bring you in to work overtime for just one hour (or even less) with no more than payment for the actual time spent on the job. UV has proposed 3-hour minimum start (4 hours on Sundays and public holidays) as per the award but G4S has rejected that proposal.


  • The G4S proposal breaches the National Employment Standards (NES) by requiring employees to work on public holidays. The NES allows employees to decline a request to work on public holidays where that refusal is reasonable


  • The G4S proposal again breaches the NES by allowing G4S to make deductions from termination pay without your agreement.

VOTE NO, force G4S to show you some respect and make a decent offer!!

Make sure you have your say - for the Agreement to be voted up only a majority of those who do vote have to vote yes, not an overall majority of all employees

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