Take Control - MAKE THE CHANGE!

Do you want to help make United Voice a stronger union? One that is better able to work with you and fight for better pay and conditions?

There’s a simple and easy way you can do that.

United Voice is asking members who pay their union fees by payroll deduction to Take Control – MAKE THE CHANGE! and pay by direct debit from your bank account or credit card.

If you MAKE THE CHANGE! today, you won’t have to worry about filling in forms and alerting your old and new employers if you change jobs. You’ll never get behind in your fees, so you’ll never be at risk of becoming unfinancial and losing your membership.

No matter where you work, you’ll never lose touch with your union. All that makes for a stronger union for members.

Converting is easy and your personal details are safe and secure and not passed on to any third party. And, there’s more privacy for you this way: If you pay by direct debit from your bank account or credit card, your employer doesn’t have to know you’re a member of your union, or how many members there are at your worksite.

To MAKE THE CHANGE! just print out this form, add your new payment details and send it back via email, post or fax:

Have any questions about making the change? Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.
Take Control – MAKE THE CHANGE! Form download

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