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I’m 70 years old but I’m still a busy man – at work, in my church and in the community. The past 15 years I’ve worked cleaning a public school in Western Sydney. I love to work. My own children are grown up, but I adopted three of my grandchildren in Samoa. That’s why I need to keep working. I’m an elder in the Assemblies of God. We have six churches in my region and I go to all of them. I come from a long line of missionaries, dating right back to 1830. That’s when the first Christian arrived in Samoa. His name was John Williams. He came from London with the word of God. He was very successful. John Williams asked for 12 men from Samoa to volunteer as missionaries. Thirty-six stepped forward. One was my great-great-grandfather. Ever since that day, my family has produced many missionaries. It’s my life’s mission. It’s my heart and my soul.

In May I did something for the first time. I went doorknocking with the Save Our Weekend campaign team. I talked about the coming election. I told people about how they want to cut off penalty rates for anyone working at the weekend. I told them how our Medicare card is in trouble. They want us to pay for blood tests. We need to think about our future if the Liberal Party wins the election in July. People listen to me and they are happy to sign the Save Our Weekend petition. On the weekend I go around all our churches. They know me there. I talk about penalty rates and I show people our petition. Many people have signed up. I’ve filled up four petitions so far. At school, when I finish my job, if I have time, I stand out the front and talk to parents. When I’m shopping, I take the campaign book with me. I meet people and talk about it. I still do it. I fill up the petitions and get some more.

I’m involved because you have to do the right thing for everybody. If people can’t afford this life, we need to do the right things to make it better. We need to talk about what they can afford and can’t afford.

If I can’t do it, I hope God will give some other way to save the people from suffering.


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