Membership Contributions

Membership Contributions

2018/2019 United Voice NSW membership fees:

  Full Fee Paying Reduced Rate Paint Industry Supported employees
Weekly $12.70 $9.30 $14.70 $1.90
Fortnightly $25.40 $18.60 $29.40 $3.80
Monthly $55.03 $40.30 $63.70 $8.23
Quarterly $165.10 $120.90 $191.10 $24.70
Half yearly $330.20 $241.80 $382.20 $49.40
Annually $660.40 $483.60 $764.40 $98.80

United Voice is a non-profit Industrial Organisation and your membership fees are fully tax deductible.

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What does your contribution do?

Membership contributions make the (union) world go round. United Voice membership creates:

  • Access to expert advice about your rights at work, and workplace health and safety issues.
  • A community of over 100,000 workers around the country who’ve joined together to create a fairer society – and the resources and organising capacity they need to win!
  • Support interpreting enterprise agreements, awards and other workplace documents.
  • Training for active members, so they have the skills to make their workplaces and communities more united and fair.
  • Teams of staff dedicated to research, training, industrial matters, and supporting and empowering members.
  • Trained delegates to support you in the workplace.
  • Subscription to the quarterly magazine Real Voices.
  • Journey cover: full income protection for up to two years in the case of injury to and from work.*
  • Professional indemnity insurance.*
  • Access to private members-only Facebook groups to connect with United Voice members.
  • Low-cost banking and loan products from ME (Members Equity) bank.
  • Solidarity! By joining together, workers have the strong voice they need to win recognition and respect for their work from employers, government and the community.


*Terms and conditions apply.

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