Menzies Long Service Leave Update

Menzies Long Service Leave Update

We have had inquiries from members who last week received an unexpected pay out from Menzies. This is because Menzies ignored advice from United Voice and the LSL Board and has gone ahead and paid cleaners your full long service leave entitlement (where an entitlement existed), including the portable component.

To be very clear, your union’s view is that there is no legal obligation for Menzies to pay the portable portion of any cleaner’s LSL entitlement out. That is what the Portable LSL Scheme was set up to address. However, Menzies have once again ignored advice and shown their utter disregard for cleaners.

For any cleaners with more than 5 years’ service with Menzies, below is what to do if you want your money returned to your LSL and some important advice if you do wish to keep it.

For those members who are unhappy with having received their portable component paid out by Menzies.

  1. Please call the LSL Board immediately on 13 14 41 and advise them that you did not request your LSL be paid out and that you don’t authorize the board to reimburse Menzies by reducing their accruals in the scheme. If they advise you to put this in writing by email, please do so.
  2. Please call the MRC to advise them that you have done this so that we can track which members are looking to reverse this mistake.
  3. Please hold onto these funds in the event your union is able to get Menzies to agree to a reversal and navigate through that process.

For those members who are happy with having received their portable component paid out by Menzies.

It is important that members understand the consequences of having it paid out. That is, when your entitlement to LSL becomes due, you won’t be able to take paid leave for that portion that has been paid to you by Menzies. However, your service is still recognized for all intents and purposes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the MRC on 1800 805 027

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