Successful Contractors Announced

Successful Contractors Announced

After a long period of uncertainty for cleaners, the successful companies have accepted the tender for the school cleaning contracts in New South Wales.

They are:

In the next few days I will be contacting the successful companies to set up meetings with each of them about what United Voice members expect in the transition, and how we can work together to ensure school cleaners have Jobs You Can Count On.

Organisers will be visiting schools to speak to cleaners in early December in the areas that have changed contractors, and your union will be keeping everyone up to date as we approach March 1.

Regardless of whether you have a new employer or not, this new contract is a crucial opportunity to make gains for school cleaners across the state.

In fact, it’s a once in a seven-year chance to ensure that school cleaning jobs are safe, that school cleaners have enough hours and equipment to do the job properly, and that school cleaning is a job that you can count on.

I look forward to working with you all to make sure that happens.

Congratulations again to all the members who fought hard last year to make sure 7000 school cleaners' jobs were secured throughout this transition!

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