Yenny Stood Up and Won

By being in her Union Yenny Yanni was able to take up the fight against underpayment and unfair treatment and won. Read more

Successful Contractors Announced

After a long period of uncertainty for cleaners, the successful companies have accepted the tender for the school cleaning contracts in New South Wales. Read more

Government delays cleaning contract announcement

As you may have heard, the announcement for the successful cleaning contractors has been delayed. Read more

Count Down to The New Contract

The announcement for the new cleaning contractors is fast approaching with the announcement date set for November 2018. Read more


Last week, your union United Voice, forced Secom to discontinue its application to FWC for its proposed new Enterprise Agreement, after showing that workers under the proposed Agreement would not... Read more

WorkIt: the smartphone app for workers – available now for Casino members!

WorkIt is a smartphone app that provides instant, personalised answers to workplace questions – meaning our members don't have to struggle through complicated agreements and legislation just to understand your rights.... Read more

Our members are fighting to change the rules

The rules that used to make Australia fair are broken; big businesses are in a race to the bottom on wages and job security, and our government isn't protecting workers.... Read more

Home care workers win biggest pay rise in ten years

In 2017, 2,000 home care workers joined together to win the biggest pay rise in over a decade. Care workers achieved this by joining their union, sharing their stories, sitting... Read more

School cleaners win job security!

Last year, school cleaners faced the biggest threat to their job security in 25 years, when the NSW government stripped the jobs and hours guarantee from their contract.  Read more