NSW Tafe Enterprise Agreement 2013

 Vote No On A Bad Deal

Your union, United Voice has been meeting with Tafe to negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement.

Tafe intend to put a substandard Agreement to a vote on 26 August.

You and your colleagues should vote NO to show your support for a better deal.

With the Australian Workers Union (AWU) and the Public Sector Association (PSA), United Voice have met with Tafe many times to make sure members are treated with respect and paid fairly.

Tafe are offering you an effective pay cut. Don’t take it!

The Agreement includes the following pay and conditions that will make you worse off;

  • A pay cut! A salary increase of 2.5% is below cost of living increases and will make you worse off.
  • A 12-month agreement. Teachers and institute managers have an agreement that expires in 2015. Why not you?
  • Part year employment. We have serious concerns with the introduction of part year employment. Tafe have ignored this and pushed ahead.
  • Childcare – Tafe did not sign up to the EQYF, denying our ECEC members access to the fund.

United Voice recommends that all our members vote no on this Agreement.

Voting NO will make Tafe work with United Voice, AWU and the PSA to get a better deal for all our members.

Stand up for your rights, stand with your colleagues, vote no and get a better deal.

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