Power Savers Privacy Policy

Power Savers and your Privacy: Management of information about your household 

Please note that all information and data gathered during Power Savers will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) and Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).


Thank you for participating in Power Savers. Power Savers is a 3 year project, due to finish in April 2016.  The Power Savers project is one of 20 projects funded by the Commonwealth Governments Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (“The Program”). The Program aims to:  

a)     trial and evaluate a number of different approaches in various locations that assist low income households to be more energy efficient;

b)     capture and analyse data and information to inform future energy efficiency policy and program approaches.

The key to this Program’s success will be the collection and analysis of data about how people and households use energy in their homes. 

All data collected through this program will be de-identified, that is, your identity will not be shared with anyone aside from the two organisations that manage the program, as follows (contact details at the end of this Privacy Notice):

a)     United Voice

b)     The Nature Conservation Council of NSW (NCCNSW). 

This Notice explains how data collected about how you view, use and learn about energy efficiency will be managed. 

Further details about the Program can be obtained by contacting the Department of Industry (the Department) or visiting the Department’s website: www.industry.gov.au or by contacting United Voice. The contact details for the Department and United Voice are listed at the end of this Notice.

How will information about your household be used?

Published information will be de-identified, meaning that your name and personal details related to your identity will not be published.  Published information, such as reports, will be based on aggregate data, to report on findings and performance of the program.

The information may be used by the Department to compile reports, evaluate Program outcomes, enable analysis of billing data, to audit compliance and safety, and to resolve complaints.

Personal information will be provided to other agencies / authorities only as authorised or required by law.  

What information is being collected?

Information collected by Program staff or volunteers may include physical characteristics of your house, such as size, building materials, number of rooms, cooling systems and lighting.  We might also ask you about your income, and details of people living in the house. 

Information relating to your personal identity, for instance, your name, date of birth, contact information, account records, etc, will not be shared with any party beyond United Voice and NCCNSW.  All data will be de-identified before it is passed on to the CSIRO and the Department.

Your personal information is being collected by United Voice and NCCNSW, on behalf of the Department for the purposes and functions of the Program.

You also have the option of dealing with the Department anonymously or through the use of a pseudonym unless:

a)     the Department is required or authorised by law or a court/tribunal order to only deal with individuals who have identified themselves; or

b)     it is impracticable for the Department to deal with un-identified individuals.

However, if you use a pseudonym or wish to remain anonymous then this may affect your eligibility to participate in the Program.

What happens if you refuse to provide your personal information for the Program?

You do not have to provide some or all of the personal information that is being requested. However, if you refuse to provide some or all of the personal information being requested, this may affect your eligibility to participate in the Program. 

Can you change your mind about providing your personal information, or update your personal information?

Yes.  You can request access to your personal information and corrections, deletions or additions to your personal information. 

Why personal information is collected, and who it will be shared with

Please note that details relating to your personal identity will not be shared with external parties, with the exception of the two organisations listed in Part 1 of this Notice; United Voice, NCCNSW, and associated sub-contractors where necessary (and only then with your express consent). 

Other information being collected about your household (for instance, number of residents, billing data) will be shared solely for the purposes of the Program, with the following organisations:

  • Department of Industry
  • The University of Technology Sydney Institute for Sustainable Futures;
  • Solahart Industries Pty Ltd; and
  • The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
  • In addition, information about your household may be made available to other organisations, which may include if it will prevent or lessen a serious threat to the life, health or safety of any individual; to the public health or safety; if disclosure is required or authorised by law; or if the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement related activities.

Once your personal information has been collected, you can request:

  • access to your personal information; and
  • corrections, deletions or additions to your personal information.

How will information relating to your household be protected?

Once the Program receives information relating to your household:


a)     the information will be maintained in a secure environment and will not be released unless the law permits it or you consent to its disclosure;

b)     all parties listed in this document will take reasonable steps to ensure that the information is protected from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

c)     your personal information will be stored in a safe and secure location; and

d)     your personal information may be held in either electronic or hard copy form and will be destroyed or de-identified when it is no longer needed in accordance with the requirements of the Archives Act 1983 (Cth).

For further questions regarding how your personal information will be handled, please contact:


Ben Perkins - Power Savers Program Coordinator

Level 2, 5 Wilson Street, Newtown NSW 2042

Ph: (02) 9516 1488

Email:  bperkins@nccnsw.org.au   or 


Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

GPO Box 1564, Canberra ACT 2601

Ph: 1800 609 507

Email:  lieep@industry.gov.au

Or for more information about the Power Savers project, you can contact:


Power Savers Program staff

Level 1, 187 Thomas St, Haymarket NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 8204 7249

Email:  powersavers@unitedvoice.org.au


Last Updated: 03 July 2014


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