Annexure B, Schedule 1 - Privacy Notice

Note: As specified in Item 14 of Schedule 1, this Privacy Notice is only required for use at the time a Recipient collects personal information from a participant as part of the Activity.


  1. 1.                      Background
  2. This privacy notice has been developed for the Low Income Energy Efficiency Program (the Program) which is funded by the Commonwealth and delivered by organisations that have been successful in obtaining funding for their project from the Commonwealth. The objectives of the Program are:
    1. to trial and evaluate a number of different approaches in various locations that assist low income households to be more energy efficient;
    2. to capture and analyse data and information to inform future energy efficiency policy and program approaches.
  3. Further details about the Program can be obtained by contacting the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism or visiting their website: http://ee.ret.gov.au/energy-efficiency or by contacting <insert detail>.  The contact details for both organisations are listed at the end of this notice.
  4. 2.                      Why is personal information collected?
  5. I, <insert name of individual> of <insert address of individual>, understand that my personal information is being collected by <insert detail> staff or volunteers for the purposes of the Program.
  6. 3.                      Who will have access to my personal information?
  7. I understand that my personal information will be shared for the purposes of the Program with the following organisations:
    1. Department of Resources Energy and Tourism;
    2. <insert detail>
    3. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  8. In addition my personal information may be made available to other organisations if it will prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to my life or health or someone else’s life or health, if the disclosure is required or authorised by law, or if the disclosure is reasonably necessary for law enforcement purposes or to protect public (the Commonwealth’s) money.


  1. 4.                      What happens if I refuse to provide my personal information for the Program?
  2. I understand that I do not have to provide some or all of the personal information that is being requested.   However, if I refuse to provide some or all of the personal information being requested, this may affect my eligibility to participate in the Program.
  3. 5.                      Can I change my mind about providing my personal information or update my personal information?
  4. I understand that once my personal information has been collected, I can request:
    1. access to my personal information; and
    2. corrections, deletions or additions to my personal information.
  5. 6.                      Authority from the other household members
  6. I have authority to provide personal information on behalf of the other members of my household who are listed below: 

<insert details of other household members>

  1. 7.                      What personal information is being collected?
  2. Personal information collected by Nature Conservation Council NSW staff or volunteers will consist of the following <DELETE AS REQUIRED DEPENDING ON THE ACTIVITY>:
    1. Household physical characteristics such as

                                                   i.         size;

                                                  ii.         building type;

                                                iii.         material;

                                                 iv.         roof type and material; and

  1. Information relating to

                                                   i.         hot water systems; 

                                                  ii.         space heating; and

                                                iii.         cooling;

  1. Lighting used within the household and property;
  2. Appliances used within the household and property;
  3. Income level of household;
  4. Details of people that reside in the house;
  5. Energy sources including billing details for the following:

                                                            i.         electricity;

                                                           ii.         gas; and

                                                         iii.         other sources;

  1.   When preparing our Data Collection and Management Plan, we may identify energy use behaviour of the household we would like to collect. If so, we will get DRET approval for this data and an updated privacy notice.
  2. 8.                      How will my personal information be used?
  3. I understand that my personal information will be used for the Program in the following way:
    1. compiling information and preparing reports to be disclosed to the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism to deliver the Program according to the Program objectives;
    2. to enable the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism to evaluate the outcomes of the Program;
    3. to enable CSIRO to conduct analysis on the data collected and report on the results.
    4. for the purpose of auditing compliance and safety and resolving relevant complaints;
    5. as authorised or required by or under law; and
    6. for reporting publicly on the findings and performance of the Program. Published information, such as reports, will be based on aggregate data and personal information will not be identifiable.
  4. 9.                      Who to contact for further information about the Program or about your personal information?

<insert detail>

Contact person’s name:


Phone number:

Email address:


Contact Details in the Department of Resource Energy and Tourism:

Contact person’s name: Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

Address: GPO Box 1564, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone number: 1800 509 607

Email address: lieep@ret.gov.au





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