Quality Matters Productivity Commission Report

On 15 August, a group of us went to the Productivity Commission Hearings to have our say and tell the Commissioner why, ‘Quality Matters’ in our profession.

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We had three United Voice members speaking;

Kate Hodgekiss spoke about the importance of the 0-3 year age range, the importance of the Diploma & ECT qualifications and gave an overview of brain development research.

Kay Doyle spoke the importance of quality, ratios, the importance of ECTs in 0-3 rooms and the payment subsidy system. Kay also was able to give a lot of detail as an owner of two services.

Katherine Herbert spoke about children’s rights, the importance of ratios and trained staff with experience, child research such as the “circle of security” / “circle of repair” and “trust vs mistrust.” Katherine received impromptu applause from everyone in the room at the end of her presentation.

Other speakers were Michael Tizard (The Crèche & Kindergarten Association), Verena Heron (Independent Education Union), Vicki Geach (Child and Family Services Wyong Shire), Peta McNellie (Family Day Care Association QLD), and Susan Maidment.

Every speaker was strong and consistent on the need for “quality” and the “needs of the children” to be paramount.

There were some great stories such as children being identified with autism by qualified staff in centres when they were in the 0-2 year age range, and the impact this had on their development heading into school.

So, as you can see, it was a packed morning with our three United Voice representatives Kate, Kay and Katherine (or the ‘Triple K’s) advocating for children and educators and the importance of quality.

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