School cleaners win job security!

School cleaners win job security!

Last year, school cleaners faced the biggest threat to their job security in 25 years, when the NSW government stripped the jobs and hours guarantee from their contract. 

This guarantee had safeguarded cleaners’ jobs since privatisation; without it, every cleaner would have been forced to reapply for their own job, and to do the same work, under worse conditions. 7,000 jobs were at risk across the state.

But cleaners fought back. They joined their union, petitioned the minister, met with politicians, shared stories in the media, mobilised teachers, principals and school communities, wrote to the premier and held mass meetings across the state.

And they won! School cleaners have now secured a job guarantee, an hours guarantee, protection from dodgy sub-contracting, and more!

Now cleaners are in a strong position to push for better jobs. They’re already getting ready to fight – not just to protect what they have, but for better conditions – by growing their union and forming local action groups to connect with each other across the state.

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