School Cleaning 2019 List of Claims

School Cleaning 2019 List of Claims

It's time to endorse your List of Claims for your new Enterprise Agreement.

The List of Claims was put together from your answers to the survey, which went out to all school-cleaning members over the last couple of weeks.

Cleaners deserve to be valued for their work and commitment. United Voice members have told us that you are seeking an Agreement that provides recognition for your tireless work, respect, and job security.

Remember, this is what your bargaining team will be taking to the table when negotiations begin next week. 

The List of Claims:


  • Annual pay rises for the life of the Agreement that align with the rising cost of living.
  • Improved shift loadings and penalty rates
  • Improved processes for scheduling the vacation calendar
  • Payment for cost of obtaining the Working With Children Check


  • No reduction or removal of existing conditions and entitlements
  • Genuine consultation processes for workloads and equipment
  • Paid-time union meetings; and improved delegates’ and union rights provisions


  • Fairer and transparent processes for relocation and changes to hours
  • Entitlement to redundancy at change or loss of contract.
  • Improved stand down arrangement provisions
  • Paid Domestic Violence Leave
  • Paid Community Service Leave (paid leave when employees assist with activities that involves dealing with a community emergency or natural disaster)

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