SERCO Immigration Enterprise Bargaining Members Update 4


A good faith bargaining application filed by United Voice in the Fair Work Commission was the subject of proceedings on 19 and 22nd December 2014. Just prior to proceedings on 22 December, Serco wrote to your union and the Fair Work Commission advising that it would no longer countenance inclusion of any casual conversion clause in the agreement

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Nonetheless Serco has now agreed to provide information to the union to help members properly assess the importance of our claim for casual conversion. That data, which identifies recent and historical casual/permanent employee mix at each site, will be assessed by the United Voice negotiating committee who will liaise with members, ahead of one final attempt to resolve the outstanding items through negotiation with your employer early in the new year.

In the event that the further negotiating meeting does not resolve outstanding issues, members will be asked to consider endorsing industrial action in support of their claims.

We remain hopeful that Serco come to the party to address members’ job security concerns.


Members are experiencing significant turmoil and anxiety regarding the imposition of unsafe rosters. These rosters have bought a reduction in the regularity and duration of long breaks between blocks of shifts. Members have made it clear the long break is crucial to maintenance of health and well-being in what is a difficult, sometimes violent and traumatic work environment.  

Rest assured, the union is doing all it can to elevate this issue in bargaining. As well, legal proceedings are underway in Victoria to address the health and safety aspects of the new roster.

Serco’s information is misleading

Members should take care to always check with union delegates about the accuracy of information distributed by the company.

Serco stated in their recent update to staff:               Aviaiton_1.png                

Union proposed new Aviation Assignments clauses



Serco have not agreed to your union’s claim to provide paid meal breaks to catering employees, even though staff are not allowed to leave the site during breaks. The negotiating committee continues to argue for this important condition on behalf of catering members.

Serco have agreed to include cleaners in the new Agreement and your union has requested roster details from all sites so wages can be assessed against modern awards which would otherwise apply to ensure our cleaning members receive a similar premium over their award to Detention Officers.

Serco’s push polling survey
Who has noticed Serco’s on line survey being circulated in the last few days? Serco is testing the waters to see if it can trick employees by rolling out a sub standard Agreement for ballot which your negotiating team has not agreed to. Serco is sneakily trying to convince employees that reductions in conditions are in your best interests.  If you do take the survey, tell them what you really think!

The United Voice bargaining team takes the opportunity to wish all members a restful Christmas. We look forward to 2015 being one where we continue to build support and solidarity amongst all detention services employees.

Thanks to all delegates for their hard work this year.

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