SERCO Members Immigration Enterprise Bargaining Update 5

Serco intends to seek that you vote on a substandard agreement that does not reflect concessions obtained by your bargaining committee from the company. 

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Handover time will be abolished 

Handover time is common in many industries where the nature of the work requires that incoming shifts be properly briefed to deal with ever-changing circumstances. Without a proper handover, worker’s occupational health and safety will be at risk. 

Serco must provide a proper paid handover period on every shift. The proposed agreement will remove hand over time and mean a reduction of over $1600 of an employees real income each year. 

‘Normal place of work’ definition changed 

The proposed agreeent will allow Serco to direct employees to start and finish work at various sites, and be responsible for doing so at their own expense. This will mean starting and finishing work at various sites and travelling there at the employee’s expense and in the employee’s time; 

2014 EA clause 9 (Current definition) 

“Normal Place of Work” means the location where an employee is engaged to work, either on initial engagement, a secondment, or a subsequent permanent transfer. To avoid doubt “normal place of work” means the location where an employee is engaged to work, including adjacent sites. (i.e. Villawood includes Villawood IDC and IRH; Christmas Island includes NWP, Lilac, Aqua, CC & PH; Darwin includes NIDC & Berrimah). The definition is not intended to include non-adjacent sites.

*specific and does not include clustering or APODs.

Serco’s proposed 2015 definition, clause 8

"Normal Place of Work" means:


In addition, there are over 100 items appearing in Serco’s agreement that your union’s negotiating team wants to discuss with Serco. If the agreement is voted up you will be railroaded into working under a substandard agreement for the next 3 years. 

By putting the agreement to a vote Serco doesn’t want to bargain with you. 

Don’t be fooled by Serco - Vote NO and demand Serco listens to you. 

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