SERCO Members Win Backpay

Great news! Thanks to members like you standing up and organising, Serco staff have won again.

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Serco’s minor administrative mistake with the agreement process jeopardised the entire agreement.

Thankfully, United Voice members have fought hard to make sure you wouldn’t lose out. In response to the situation, members organised a petition and quickly gathered hundreds of signatures. Through member led pressure your union can report a big win.

 Members will now get:

  • Back pay of 3% from 1 January 2015 to Sunday 9 August 2015. Back pay on overtime from 9 August forward. This will all be paid by Serco on approval of the Agreement
  • A pay increase from 12:01am Monday, 10 August.

The constructive role that Serco have played in dealing with this issue should be acknowledged. Serco are appealing the decision to refuse approval of the agreement. The Fair Work Commission will hear that appeal on 21 August.

At this stage, it is expected that the agreement will be approved then. It is possible that there may be a second vote on the agreement.

If it is voted down, the pay increases are lost and there is no agreement.

If you have any questions speak to your organiser or delegate.

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