SERCO Immigration Enterprise Bargaining November UPDATE

United Voice delegates continue to negotiate for better wages and conditions with SERCO. 

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The various negotiating items have progressed as follows.

Term of Operation

  • The parties have agreed to a three year Agreement commencing from 1 January 2015

Job Security

  • Serco has proposed that casual employees with 12 months regular and systematic employment commencing not before 1 January 2015 can elect to convert to permanent employment. 
  • United Voice has maintained that employment prior to commencement of the new Agreement should be taken into account for the qualifying period.

Public Holidays

  • A simplified version of the system in place before Anzac Day 2013 will apply. 

Improved Occupational Health and Safety

  • Serco has acknowledged the United Voice claim for a minimum 10 hour break between shifts and has proposed a default ten hour break between shifts with the only exception being for aviation assignments where scheduling is not controlled by the Company. The United Voice negotiating team is considering that proposal favourably and seeks the views of delegates. 


  • Serco and United Voice have agreed that both catering and cleaning classifications will be in the new Agreement. As these staff members are not allowed to leave the workplace during breaks, United Voice continues to push for paid crib breaks for each group (which may be staggered) however no agreement has yet been reached in these important matters.

Although we have made some progress, more work needs to be done to improve the following conditions:

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Serco has rejected the claim for 120 hours sick leave per annum.
  • In the light of the recent Serco moves to introduce new rosters at some centres, United Voice has confirmed it considers the question of rostering as an important occupational health and safety matter and that it is crucial to ensure officers get regular extended periods away from the workplace to recuperate from what can be a dangerous and very stressful work environment

Transport and Escort

  • The United Voice team continues to push for escort work and particularly aviation assignments to be properly rewarded for the difficult tasks required to be performed. 
  • Serco’s practice of de-rostering shifts subsequent to an escort to avoid overtime payments means there is little financial benefit for performing escorts beyond that enjoyed by officers who remain on roster and go home to their family at the end of the shift. 

Wage Increases

  • Serco’s latest offer is just 0.2% better than projected CPI for the next three years and does very little to address the continuing undervaluation of work in Detentions. 

District Allowances

  • Serco has proposed that the Northern Territory and Christmas Island Allowances increase by an additional $350 PA from the commencement of 2015. United Voice considers this additional amount insufficient to meet the highly increased cost of living in remote areas and we continue to seek further improvements.

Pay Disputes Procedure

  • United Voice has proposed a penalty clause wherein employees whose pay queries are not corrected within two working days of the pay office being notified. Serco has rejected your union’s proposal.


The United Voice team will be meeting with 

Serco on 2nd of December. 


For more information see your workplace delegate.



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