Sherwin-Williams Bargaining Update

Sherwin-Williams Bargaining Update


After continued negotiations with the United Voice bargaining team, Sherwin-Williams still aren’t listening to its workers.

The Company proposal on wages is1.5% backdated to 1st Feb, followed by 2.5% Feb 2020, and Feb 2021 2.5%. This is not fair and reasonable.

Sherwin-Williams is likely to put this unfair offer out to vote and your bargaining team urges you to vote NO.

Members have twice rejected the company offer and yet they continue to push sub-standard conditions. United Voice members need to continue to send the company a strong message that their offer isn’t good enough.

In the previous meeting your bargaining team tabled the following offer:

  • Wages and allowances are increased by 3 per cent each year for the next 3 years, with a backdating of the first increase to 1 February 2019;
  • No change in the coverage of the enterprise agreement; and
  • Current store managers are offered voluntary redundancy, paid as per the enterprise agreement.


Store Managers Under Attack

Sherwin-Williams continues to attack Store Managers by attempting to get them out of the enterprise agreement. At the same time they admit the EA has delivered industry-leading wages and conditions.

The Company has circulated new contracts for store managers in an attempt to divide the workforce. We have reviewed the contracts and have serious concerns that they are misleading. They will change your rights forever. We recommend Store Managers do not sign.

If Sherwin-Williams puts their offer out to vote - Vote NO!

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