SNP Sydney Airport Enterprise Bargaining Update 6

As you know United Voice delegates have been negotiating with SNP management for your new enterprise agreement. 

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United Voice delegates will be holding meetings for workers soon to update everyone on bargaining. Look out for details!

During the most recent bargaining meeting the following was discussed:

Updated Wages Offer  

  • SNP is offering a 3 year agreement with a $500 (gross) bonus payment.
  • Wage increases of:
    •  3% for the first year,
    • 2.75 % the second year,
    • 2.5% in the third year

United Voice Leaders will discuss this offer with members and seek feedback

T3 control room operators  

United Voice members believe that control room operators in T3 are underpaid on Level 2 considering what tasks control room operators perform. SNP claims that control room operators are paid correctly; United Voice were seeking from SNP  a hard copy of duties, they have now provided this information at the last bargaining meeting ,and United Voice Delegates will be consulting with Members who are affected by this issue and whether the duties performed are according to the duties listed in your agreement .


In the last EA United Voice members won an increase in minimum part time hours from 23 to 26 hours per week. SNP is trying to wind back minimum rostered hours making it even harder for SNP workers to live on their minimum hours. United Voice members are fighting to retain the current minimum hours per week for part time employees, because United Voice Members have been united on retaining this important condition and have expressed their disappointment to SNP directly  the Company have finally listened to you and have  withdrawn this claim.

Sign up and be a member now 1800 805 027 or speak to your delegates.

Judith Allison ABSEC              Brendan Sadler T1                 Amit Munjal T1                       Marc Bulmer T3 

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