SNP Sydney Airport Enterprise Bargaining Update

Bargaining between United Voice and SNP continued on Monday 2 November 2015. 

See below for more details.

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Wages SNP advise they will tell us what their wages offer is either at the next meeting (13 November) or at the meeting following that. 

Unpaid Stand Down Time SNP have confirmed that the company’s claim to stand down employees on unpaid time only applies when an allegation is being investigated, not after an offence is proven. United Voice have rejected this claim.

Uniforms The parties discussed uniform issues and SNP have advised that a review is underway, with a response to be provided soon. Bargaining representatives enquired what happens to returned un-worn uniforms (or good condition properly laundered returns) – can they be given to continuing employees as extras? SNP will respond on 13 November.

Meal Breaks SNP advised echo 1 and echo 2 posts, along with gatehouses are now fully equipped with microwaves, fridges, toasters, kettles, cleaning supplies, air conditioners and toilets, and are regularly cleaned. Members should note that crib break times should not involve the performance of scheduled work or work which could reasonably have been anticipated during the break period.

Labour Hire employees, (Delta / MPD) SNP have confirmed that they will make a presentation concerning the usage of labour hire personnel to the negotiating teams on 13 November, and that -

…sub contractor use is less than 5%...

Every shift given to a labour hire company is a shift a directly employed SNP officer misses out on. Many employees are looking for extra work. The United Voice bargaining team is alarmed that 1 in 20 shifts are going missing at the same time that SNP is trying to reduce minimum hours to just 23 per week. 

United Voice Bargaining Team

Judith Allison – Qantas Lobby

Brendon Sadler – T1

Mark Bulmer – T3

Amit Munjal – T1

Ricky Keehn – UV Aviation Security Organiser – 02 8204 7204,

Mick Vance – UV Industrial Officer – 02 8204 7265, 

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