SNP Enterprise Update #7

Bargaining between United Voice and SNP began again on Friday 12th February 2016; following an overwhelming NO VOTE to the company’s proposal which was considered by you before the Christmas break. Your Delegates strongly argued your feedback to the company on why you voted NO, they also presented a large number of petitions to the company again emphasizing that you all want a fair go with this latest EBA thank you to all who signed the petition.

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The current offer which you voted no to has to be increased SNP has committed to revise their offer by the next meeting lets ensure that’s what happens.

Job Security

Members supporting their Delegates by signing the petition has indicated to the Company we are determined to achieve a fair result, but we need to stay active this will be the only way to achieve a fair EBA your Delegates need your assistance, GET ACTIVE CONTACT YOUR COMMITTEE MEMBERS ASAP and start talking to non-members get them involved lets work together lets achieve a fair EBAYour feedback has indicated that this issue is important to you, your Delegates have said to SNP there needs to be less reliance on labor hire companies (MPD & DELTA) this will allow more hours to SNP employees.


The parties discussed uniform issues and SNP have advised that a review is underway, with a response to be provided soon. Bargaining representatives enquired what happens to returned un-worn uniforms (or good condition properly laundered returns) – can they be given to continuing employees as extras? SNP will respond.

United Voice Bargaining Team

Judith Allison – Qantas Lobby
Brendon Sadler – T1
Mark Bulmer – T3
Amit Munjal – T1
Ricky Keehn – UV Aviation Security Organiser – 02 8204 7204,
Peter Campise – UV Director Regional Organizing – 02 8204 7204

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