Spotless Conciliation meeting

Spotless Conciliation meeting

On the 16th of October your union, United Voice were in conciliation at the Fair Work Commission, on behalf of United Voice members regarding level 2 pay classification.

Spotless maintains their stance that they are not in agreement with United Voice , saying that if you don’t perform the Level 2 indicative tasks on a full time basis you are not entitled to level 2 pay.

Your union does not agree with the company’s position .

Your union’s position is that if you meet these conditions, you are to be reclassified to Level 2. The conditions are:

  1. Have over 12 months’ service;

  2. Possess the key competencies of Level 2 -

    • works from complex instructions and procedures;
    • assists in the provision of on-the-job training;
    • works under general supervision either individually or in a team;
    • is responsible for assuring the quality of their own work; and
    • performs those tasks customarily performed by cleaners, and

  3. Perform at least one indicative task.

Here are the indicative tasks you must do any one of:

  • ordering and distribution of toilet and other requisites and cleaning materials;
  • customer or public relations duties as required;
  • cleaning of communication rooms as required;
  • operating steam cleaning and pressure washing equipment on the exterior of buildings;
  • cleaning windows on the exterior of multi-storied buildings by any method including from swinging scaffolds, bosun's chairs, hydraulic bucket trucks or similar devices;
  • deep cleaning of carpets by any of the following methods: hot water extraction; dry cleaning/bonnet system; dry foam or host system, excluding minor stain removal or spotting.
  • operating ride on powered sweeping machines, ride on vacuums, ride on polishers and ride on scrubbers;
  • ordering supplies and receiving deliveries of chemicals and cleaning supplies;
  • stripping and sealing, hard floor maintenance; and
  • provide specialist cleaning within a hospital setting, including a clinical ward


Where do we go from here?

  • Spotless have agreed to do an audit of United Voice members’ work regarding Level 2.  If you are questioned about your work at Level 2, please let your union know on 1800 805 027, so we are up to date with what is happening in this process. Results are to be in by Friday 16 November 2018;

If you are asked to complete paperwork or sign something DO NOT SIGN IT.

Please call the Member Rights Centre on 1800 805 027 and let us know.

The case for level 2 is stillopen in the Fair Work Commission. The company’s failure to resolve the dispute is likely to result in arbitration in the FWC.

Your delegates and organiser will keep you posted.