SSDS Defence Contracting Redundancy Update.

SSDS’s application to waive or reduce redundancy payments to employees who were terminated when the SSDS their NSW/ACT contracts ended on 31 October 2014 was heard in the Fair Work Commission on 17, 18 and 19 November. Your union appeared and strenuously defended members’ rights to redundancy pay.

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Sixteen United Voice members gave evidence, along with two from the Transport Workers Union and one from the Fire Brigade Employees Union. No NUW member appeared as a witness in the proceedings. Witnesses also appeared from incoming contractors and gave evidence about their interactions with SSDS. The parties are required to file written closing submissions by 28 November 2014 and Commissioner Roe will consider the evidence and issue a decision following that.

Towards the conclusion of proceedings on 19 November SSDS’s lawyer advised that an appeal of Commissioner Roe’s recent decision rejecting the SSDS application to waive or reduce redundancy payments to employees in former Northern Territory/Kimberly contract would be filed in the Federal Court this week. That appeal is unlikely to be heard before February 2015 and may have implications for employees on the NSW/ACT and Queensland contracts. United Voice will continue to defend members rights to redundancy and ensure you are properly represented at all times including in appeal proceedings.


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