SSDS Defence Contracting Redundancies: Update

The SSDS defence contracting dispute regarding redundancies was part heard in the Fair Work Commission yesterday 2 October 2014. 

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United Voice lawyers questioned SSDS managers who had sworn statements that the company had obtained jobs for employees in the Northern Territory with the incoming contractors. In apparently conflicting evidence representatives of the incoming contractors Transfield and Wilson Security stated that there had been no arrangement between themselves and SSDS, and that they would not be recognising service with SSDS for purposes of long service leave etc. Evidence was presented that there were many former SSSDS employees who had not been employed by the new contractors. Several union members will give evidence when the hearing resumes on 8 October 2014.

United Voice is pleased to report that an application to approve a sub standard Enterprise Agreement which had been negotiated secretly between one of the incoming contractors and another union has now been withdrawn. Our Northern Territory members have now commenced work with the new contractor on far superior award terms. United Voice officials are working with members in the Northern Territory to set up a negotiating team for a real Agreement. United Voice will never negotiate behind members' backs.

A further update will be posted following the hearing on 8 October 2014. Contact United Voice Member Service Centre on 1800 805 027 for more information.

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