United Voice Purpose, Vision & Values

United Voice Purpose, Vision & Values


United Voice is a union of workers organising to win better jobs, stronger communities, a fairer society and a sustainable future.


United Voice members are changing lives by building and exercising industry and political power on a national scale.


United Voice acts on the values of fairness, compassion and equity.  We believe in the dignity of workers, their right to fair and just treatment and their right to take action.

We understand our world to be a contest between two competing ideologies:

One which has regard for human worth; fosters community and collectivity; strives for fair access to, and distribution of, the benefits of society; and believes in people’s right to participate and dissent.

And the other (increasingly on the ascendancy) which harnesses fear, greed and division to build a culture of individual wealth for the few.

Our values not only provide a moral compass on issues but compel us to act, to be agents of positive social change, to continuously fight for the type of society we believe in.  So building a union able to take that on, to change the world is not simply an organisational imperative, it is integral to our values.