Clubs Workers Win Fight Against Penalty Rates Cut

Clubs Workers Win Fight Against Penalty Rates Cut

42,000 clubs workers have had their penalty rates saved. Workers stood up and fought against a broken system that threatened them with a pay cut.

Through the determination of clubs workers backed by their union, the Fair Work Commission has thrown out a case that would have cut club workers’ pay by $100 a week.

The ruling by the Fair Work Commission threw out the arguments of Clubs Australia, rejecting their push to move clubs workers on to the hospitality award.

Jo-anne Schofield, National Secretary of United Voice, the club union, said about this morning’s decision, “This is a huge win for the tens of thousands of clubs workers whose wages have been under attack by Scott Morrison and his cheer squad of greedy bosses.

“We have shown that when working people stand together, we win.

“We have been fighting these cuts to penalty rates for years, and today we won this battle.

“Working people shouldn’t be forced through expensive, drawn out court battles just to stay afloat and avoid a pay cut.

“But we are under no illusions that this Government and bosses will be on the attack again. We're putting Scott Morrison and his Liberal and National Party mates on notice. We’ve got 700,000 workers already worse off thanks to Morrison’s first round of cuts.

“The reality is - with the LNP in power, no one’s penalty rates are safe. My question to Scott Morrison is - whose penalty rates are under the spotlight next?”

Ms Schofield flagged that United Voice was stepping up its campaign against unfair and unaffordable cuts to penalty rates, “We will be out there fighting every day in the lead up to the Federal election, to change the rules, and change this Federal Government.

“That is why we will be launching a massive campaign in the coming weeks, to protect penalty rates for the millions of Australians who rely on them.

“Australian workers are fed up with this government that can’t be trusted – and we’ll be going door-to-door across the country to make sure everyone know who’s to blame.”

United Voice also thanks the 150 clubs who stood by their staff and publicly backed workers against the industry body’s attack on penalty rates.

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